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Installers of CCTV Surveillance equipment for home and office

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About Cliqenect

Cliqenect is a limited liability ICT company in Ghana, incorporated in June 2012 under the Companies Act, 1963.

Our services include providing CCTV solutions, Networking, Web design, Asset Tracking, Access Control and installing of ICT and Security equipment.

We are project oriented and equipped to provide our dynamic range of services to home and office, with the focus of adding value to what you do.

We currently operate within Eastern, and Greater Accra regions, Ghana.

Mission Statement:

Building efficient and affordable systems and networks


Defining networks.

CCTV Solutions

Cliqenect Ltd test, install, setup and provide maintenance for closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras and video surveillance equipment we supply to clients. We work with digital and analog CCTV surveillance systems. Our target market include home, office, guest house and warehouse.

Network Projects

Cliqenect Ltd plans, designs and implements network infrastructure for the purpose of networking and internet sharing; procure hardware and software for office.

Access Control

Cliqenect Ltd install and maintain security equipment that utilize finger print, radio frequency identity access card or both to authenticate and track people movement. This data is valid for computing wages, leave, and attendance and for use as evidence to settle disputes.

Asset Tracking

We provide asset tracking solutions for the purpose of monitoring the activities of vehicles and managing fleets.

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